About Us

The goal of the North Bay Fire and Emergency Services is to provide fire protection services through a range of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants from the adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies, or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature; first to their municipality; second to those municipalities requiring assistance through authorized emergency fire service plan and program (mutual aid) activities; and third, to those municipalities which are provided fire protection by the fire department via authorized agreement.  Currently we are comprised of 4 fire stations, 3 of which are staffed with 74 fire fighters, Captains and Platoon Chief’s, 1 Captain of Fire Prevention, 2 Fire Prevention Officers, 1 Deputy Chief , 1 Chief and 1 Administrative Assistant.  Fire Station One houses the Fire Prevention staff, the Chiefs and Administration, and is located at 119 Princess St. West beside the Police station.  Fire station Two is located at 900 McKeown Ave, Fire Station Three is located at 128 Marshall Ave and Fire Station Four is located at 7 Duxford Rd.  On March 24, 1993 North Bay Fire & Emergency celebrated 100 years.

Primary objectives:

In order to achieve the goal of the North Bay Fire & Emergency Services, necessary funding must be in place and the following objectives met:

  1. Identify and review the fire services requirements of the municipality.
  2. Provide an administrative process consistent with the needs of the department.
  3. Ensure that fire fighting equipment and operating personnel are available within the municipality to provide adequate response to a citizen's call within a reasonable length of time.
  4. Provide departmental training to an accepted standard which will ensure the continuous upgrading of all personnel in the latest techniques of fire prevention, fire fighting, and control of emergency situations and co-operate with other municipal departments with respect to management training and other programs.
  5. Provide a maintenance program to ensure all fire protection apparatus, including allied equipment, is ready to respond to emergency calls.

Message From the Chief

Welcome to Our Department!

On behalf of the men and women of the North Bay Fire & Emergency Services, thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our organization. Take the time to browse our website.

We are a full-time, career department that proudly provides world-class service to the citizens and visitors of the City of North Bay. We are committed to protecting our community - our strength is in our people. Our staff are dedicated to the protection of our community and while we try to provide cost effective fire protection services, the sad truth is when an emergency occurs much of the damage is already done, the injuries have occurred and in the worst cases, the fatalities have occurred before we are even called into action.  For this reason, fire prevention and emergency response are the foundation of our services.

Our core services include providing and supporting the three lines of defense regarding public fire and life safety:

1. Public Fire and Life Safety Education

2. Fire Prevention and Fire Code Enforcement

3. Fire and Emergency Response

In addition, we are available to assist you and your family or organization with emergency planning information to help you manage a situation such as a severe weather event or other general emergency.

Our delivery of service has progressed to include cooperative efforts with other emergency services and civic departments. This is all done with the goal of providing our community with an efficient and caring service that is responsible for public safety.

The department takes great pride in its ability to serve the needs of our community. Each day, our citizens call upon us to respond to a variety of emergencies including fire suppression, dangerous goods responses, Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) response / extrications, and a wide variety of rescue applications. We also assist the City’s EMS service, thru Tiered Response. Our dedicated firefighters actively participate in and support many community initiatives

No fire department is complete without the efforts of a fire prevention and public education division. Ours plays a major role in keeping our guests and residents safe by providing fire safety inspections, investigations, public education, and station tours. Our goal is to educate everyone from children and youths to adults and seniors the importance of Fire Safety at home, at school and at work and provides a variety of residential and commercial fire education programs. We invite you to come and visit us at the station.

I urge all residents of the City of North Bay to make sure they have working smoke alarms on every storey of their home and outside all sleeping areas. This is the law in Ontario and this fire department will be enforcing it. The same holds true for the requirement to have Carbon Monoxide alarms.

For homeowners, tenants and individual landlords, non-compliance with the Fire Code smoke alarm requirement will result in a ticket for $235 or a fine of up to $50,000. Compare this with the cost of a smoke alarm, which can be as little as $10.

When someone dies in a fire, it is a tremendous loss to the family, the fire department and the entire community.

Help protect yourself and your family from fire by installing the required number of smoke alarms, testing them every month and replacing the batteries once a year.

The most important part of the public safety team serving our community is you - the people we serve. Without you doing your part, this community will not be as safe as it could be - as we deserve it to be. Despite all of North Bay Fire & Emergency Services best efforts, we cannot achieve the safe and attractive community we all desire on our own. We need you to do your part whether it is checking your smoke alarm, being respectful to your neighbours through compliance with property and other bylaws, maintaining your business or workplace in compliance with the Fire and Building Codes or practicing your home exit drill with your family. We need you as our public safety partners.

 NBFES in all of its roles will continue to be a community service agency whose role it is to serve the public safety needs of our community. We will endeavour to communicate and more importantly listen to what our community is telling us in terms of its needs and desires. We will be a visible part of our community and will do our very best to work with you to make North Bay the best possible place to live, work and play.

 If you need us in an emergency, call 911. We still make house calls.

We hope this website will assist you in becoming more aware of our efforts in these three areas and, most importantly, the fire safety measures you can take to protect your family and property. Our webpages include a number of links that will provide you with a host of fire service and safety information.

We are more than just an emergency response organization. We are available to help regarding questions about fire and life safety or if you need emergency planning information to keep you and your family safe.

I am extremely proud of our firefighters and their accomplishments. We are a vibrant department that values our past, grasps present opportunities, and embraces the challenges of the future. We are committed to providing the citizens of North Bay with the best service possible.

 I am proud to represent the fire service in North Bay and to serve the fire fighters and citizens of North Bay. On behalf of all members of North Bay Fire & Emergency Services, I wish to extend our sincere appreciation to the community for the continued support of our mission.

Please visit our site often for news releases, public safety information, recruitment, and upcoming events. Please contact the North Bay Fire & Emergency Services by email or by phone at 705-474-0400 x 4800 with any concerns or suggestions.