Fire Suppression Division

The fire suppression division is comprised of 72 personnel motivated to provide an outstanding response to emergencies in our community.  Our highly trained personnel have the tools and training to effectively mitigate an emergency incident in a caring and compassionate manner.  North Bay Fire and Emergency Services incident responses include fire suppression, technical rescue, emergency medical response, and responses to hazardous material incidents. 

Fire Suppression.  North Bay Fire provides emergency mitigation and rescue response to structural (residential, commercial, or industrial) as well as wildland fires. 

Technical Rescue.   North Bay Fire provides response to emergency rescue operations for people trapped in their physical environment.  Rescue operations can include motor vehicle incidents, ice-water rescue, or structural collapse.  We also have a snowmobile trail response unit allowing us to provide rescue on area snowmobile trails.

Haz-Mat Response.  North Bay Fireprovides a response to incidents involving hazardous materials.  We are a level 2 provincial Haz-Mat response team providing decontamination at hazardous materials incidents throughout the province.

Emergency Medical Response.  North Bay Fire personnel are trained as emergency first responders.  We work closely with paramedics under the parameters set out in the tiered response agreement to ensure prompt emergency response to medical emergencies in our community.


Should you require our services please call 911.   Be confident that our team of highly trained North Bay Fire personnel will have the knowledge, tools, and compassion to assist you in your time of need.  Our priority is your safety!


Yours in Fire Safety

Greg Saunders, Deputy Fire Chief for Operations