Fire Prevention & Safety


In this portion of the NBFES website you will find information selected to assist you in maintaining a fire safe environment wherever you go.  Please feel free to review the documents in this section.  If we are missing something or you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us through the website or by email.  This website is ours to maintain but yours to use.

Our team of Fire Prevention and Public Education professionals is committed to reducing the risk of fire injury and fire loss within the City of North Bay.  We achieve this by advertising fire safety reminders throughout the year, providing fire safety education, and ensuring buildings are being maintained fire safe.  We may inspect the building you are in as a result of a complaint, request or as part of a proactive project where we have identified an increased fire risk. 

While we work hard to make sure the residents of the city are safe, fire safety does begin with you.  Your actions can increase your risk of fire so be vigilant.  Over the years it is clear to us that the leading causes of fire can be distilled down to the action or inaction of the residents.  Not because they intended to cause a loss but because they didn’t see the risk.  Our job is to help you identify and reduce fire risk.   

Thank you for taking time to read our website.  If you need any assistance with a fire safety issue, do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours in Fire Safety


Joe Gardiner, Captain Fire Prevention / Public Education Officer

Chris Nichol, Fire Prevention / Public Education Officer

Aaron Lott, Fire Prevention / Public Education Officer