Agricultural Fires

Agricultural Fires

Agricultural Fires

Agricultural properties only

Inspection Required

Weekly Cost $129

Monthly Cost $158

Annual Cost $275


  • Prior to burning piles every year. (plan required)


Where can I have one?


Rural Agricultural Property Only

  • at least 20m (65') from each property lines,
  • at least 20m (65') from each buildings or structures
  • at least 6m (20') from each combustible structure or object
    • decks, fences, trees, etc
  • at least 6m (20') between burn piles


Fire Safety Rules



  • Burning with valid permit only
  • Burning between Sunrise and Sunset Only
  • Have method to extinguish fire (water, heavy equipment (tractor, etc)
  • Burning by at least 2 competent adults & always attended
  • Report out of control fires immediately
  • Be respectful of neighbors
  • Burn only crop residue, vegetable or vegetation only as part of normal farm practice.
  • If wind less than 20 kilometers per hour and wind direction away from built up areas as well as roads and highways.
  • Fire Dispatch is notified at 705-472-1221 prior to burning that day and when burning is completed for the day.



  • No burning during rain or fog
  • No burning of grass, plastics, painted materials
  • No burning if you do not have signed permission from building/property owner
  • No burning during a fire ban


When having an agricultural fire a significant amount of smoke can be produced.  Please ensure the smoke does not flow toward populated areas or across roadways as this will result in false alarms and hazards to drivers.