Recreational Open Fires

Recreational Open Fires

Recreational Open Fires

Rural or Urban settlements 

No inspection required…

Annual Cost $27

Commercially manufactured device required, with legs and a spark arrest.

Permits are good from date of purchase to December 31 of that year


 Open Air Burning Device Required


  • Maximum footprint 61cm x 61cm (24" x 24") 
  • Maximum volume 2.7m(9ft3)


Where can I have one?


Settlement Area or Rural Area if the device is…

  • at least 6m (20') from each property lines,
  • at least 2m (6.5') from each combustible structure or object,
    • building, fence, trees, etc
  • on a non-combustible surface
    • if on wooden or composite deck it must sit on
      • a course of brick and,
      • a metal sheet that extends 5cm (2") from the base
    • not on a balcony or rooftop, and
    • not on a deck situated above the first story


Fire Safety Rules



  • Burning with valid permit only
  • Burning between 6:00 pm and midnight
  • Have method to extinguish fire (water, etc)
  • Burning by competent adult only & always attended
  • Report out of control fires immediately
  • Be respectful of neighbors
  • Burn only clean dried wood or charcoal
  • If wind is less than 15 kilometers per hour



  • No burning during rain or fog
  • No burning of grass, plastics, painted materials
  • No burning if you do not have signed permission from building/property owner
  • No burning during a fire ban





Fish Bowl Open Air Burning DeviceChiminia Open Air Burning DeviceCaged Open Air Burning Device


Location on Property (distances on front – keep combustible structures / objects away from pit)




If on a combustible deck (first story only) the device must sit on a course of brick with a metal plate base that extends 2 inches beyond device diameter.