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North Bay and Emergency Services is legislatively required by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act to review all complaints and determine a course of action to address that complaint.  If you have a fire safety complaint about a property we invite you to complete the attached form and return it to us.  We work closely with our internal and external partner agencies to address all issues listed on a complaint as some issues may appear to be fire related but are better addressed through other legislation such as the property standards by-law, Electrical Safety Act or Occupational Health and Safety Act.  

You must provide us with your contact information in order for us to process the complaint form.  An anonymous complaint may not be accepted.  The Freedom of Information Act guarantees that the name of the complainant is kept confidential.  An inspector may need to contact the complainant for further information if parts of the complaint are unclear.

File information can only be released through another statute that compels the release of the information (e.g. Criminal Code of Canada).  The property owner is responsible for his or her property.  The inspector will contact the owner to arrange for an inspection.  Detailed information regarding the file will not be released to the complainant as the owner is legally responsible to ensure the deficiencies are corrected.